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Good news - an airplane perspective

Posted by Ricardo Bánffy at Nov 16, 2009 08:25 AM |

My wife and I are spending the day in Rio, with her parents, and she was using one of the computers in the house, a Windows Vista machine, when she read a message aloud for me: "Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered". Wow! That's good news, right?

Well... There is little point in telling a user who supposedly has no way or interest (or, in some countries, the permission of the law) to even wrap his or her head around what's happening inside the computer (we are talking Windows, a. k. a. NewbieOS, here) that there was a problem that, whatever it was, is no more.

Just imagine a pilot announcing, in the middle of a cross-country or, better, transatlantic, flight, that "Our starboard engine stopped responding. It experienced a flameout and when we tried to restart it, there was a fire, possibly due to an intermittent fuel leak. Our fire suppression system worked as expected and the engine has resumed normal operation. Have a nice flight".

Seriously, what is the point of telling that to a user? Something like "Look: your computer is crappy and some parts of it tend not to work so, the next time Windows blows up, it's the manufacturer's fault, not Microsoft's"?

Anyone wants to volunteer an alternative explanation?