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Wallpaper for my Nook

Posted by Ricardo Bánffy at Sep 20, 2010 01:25 PM |

So, once again I find myself musing with Inkscape rather than doing useful work (for rather narrow definitions of "useful" and "work", that is). This time, I decided to create some wallpaper for my Nook.

Here it is:

H2G2 Nook wallpaper

Please enjoy it. It's rather easy to turn it into a screensaver (did this for my Nook) or to make it useful on a Kindle or Sony eReader. Even iPad users may find it interesting, although they may find the lack of halftones and the 2D look somewhat primitive by their standards.

I also hope whoever holds the rights for the logo (it's from the movie) don't mind me using it. If you do, please, leave a comment and I will remove this image from the site as soon as I read it.