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Wikileaks and its followers (1 every 8 seconds)

Posted by Ricardo Bánffy at Dec 11, 2010 09:10 PM |
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After playing a little with the Twitter API, I built a small tool that helps me keep an eye on some indicators. Today, I turned its sights on the @wikileaks account on Twitter and got this:

Wikileaks gaining followers

I may be wrong (it's late and I am tired and I don't trust my math at those times), but it seems like @wikileaks is gaining about 1 follower every 8 seconds or so.

To give you an idea of what these numbers mean (and, being measured on a Saturday night in most of the Western world, I would consider them to be very conservative), keeping this rate, they will cross the million follower threshold in early-February. I will measure the growth rate again during the week and for a longer period to get better numbers, perhaps getting a nice curve. I also expect the media circus around Assange to get larger as he fights extradition and as Wikileaks releases more leaked documents. My gut feeling tells me they will cross the million follower mark in early to mid-January.

For something so many people want to silence, that's quite impressive.