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Wikileaks followers, a thousand data-points later

Posted by Ricardo Bánffy at Dec 18, 2010 03:05 PM |
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A couple days back, I measured how the Twitter @wikileaks account was gaining followers. I suspected my dataset was biased, since it was captured on a Saturday night (here, GMT-2) and that I would see different values according to time of day. I decided it was a nice idea to focus my analysis tool on the account and keep it capturing data for a longer time. To my surprise, it's still a more or less straight line. I still think they'll cross the million follower mark in early-to-mid February. This could indicate Wikileaks is gaining followers around the globe (or, at least, evenly distributed according to time-zone) or that the people who follow @wikileaks don't follow conventional sleep cycles.

Wikileaks still gaining followers