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Programming iOS 5, 2nd Edition, by Matt Neuburg

Posted by Ricardo Bánffy at Jul 22, 2013 02:10 PM |

I'll start by saying this book is not for beginners. If you never wrote a program before, this book is not for you.Programming iOS 5

Programming iOS 5 (and its later edition) may very well be the book you need to read in order to develop for iOS devices. It serves as an introduction to Objective-C (which some people regard as what C++ should have been from the start), a thorough guide to the XCode IDE you'll use to develop your apps, to the Cocoa collection of frameworks and their user interface concepts. If you already program, the introduction to Objective-C, along with the recommended K&R re-reading, should make you comfortable with the language. The XCode IDE may take a little more time to get used to if you are too accustomed to other IDEs (or even a command-line plus plain editor mindset), but the book does a nice job explaining it. The same is true for the large set of Cocoa frameworks required to effectively build iOS applications (with a nice side effect of giving you some head start with MacOS development) the book covers.


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Por que eu não compro na

Posted by Ricardo Bánffy at Aug 09, 2012 06:15 PM |
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"Algo mais em que eu possa ajudar?"

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Dated look

Posted by Ricardo Bánffy at Aug 01, 2012 02:03 PM |

I know. This site still runs on Plone 2 with the help and immense competence of my friends at Simples Consultoria and looks obviously dated. With any luck, my work on transmogrifier tools will allow it to smoothly migrate to a new Plone 4 instance in the near future. Stay tuned.

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Reverse scrolling on Linux, but only when it makes sense

Posted by Ricardo Bánffy at May 11, 2012 04:52 PM |

It's hard not to think that the idea of dragging the document instead of the viewport makes sense, in special if your trackpad supports two-finger dragging. It also feels very natural to have things like inertia (when the document continues to scroll when you release the pad with your fingers moving and gradually slows down - or halts when you stop it with your finger) in this mode.

Unfortunately, the only way to enable reverse scrolling (and we are not even considering inertia) on Linux is through an xmodmap hack that affects every pointing device. Even more unfortunate, this mode makes absolutely no sense when you are using a clickwheel (such as the one on your mouse) to scroll.

To that end, I published a post on Ubuntu Brainstorm. If you like the idea, please, express your support.


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