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OpSec for Celebrities

Posted by Ricardo Bánffy at Sep 01, 2014 10:50 PM |

In the wake of, again, leaked nude pictures of celebrities, a little crash course can be useful. It doesn't matter it's wrong to force access to private data and it doesn't matter the perpetrators will eventually be caught and punished. Someone else will do it again. They always do. Below you'll find some tips you may want to follow, even if you are not a celebrity.

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Update on the SOPA supporter list

Since originally posted, the SOPA supporter list has moved and changed. Some interesting additions, some interesting removals.

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Companies that support SOPA

Here is a handy list, copied on 2011-12-22, 21:30 UTC from, of the companies that openly support SOPA. It's handy in case some lobbyist persuades the US House of Representatives to remove the original file

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