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Update on the SOPA supporter list

Since originally posted, the SOPA supporter list has moved and changed. Some interesting additions, some interesting removals.

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Companies that support SOPA

Here is a handy list, copied on 2011-12-22, 21:30 UTC from, of the companies that openly support SOPA. It's handy in case some lobbyist persuades the US House of Representatives to remove the original file

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An obvious answer and why I still won't switch to Mac

There was one nagging thought that was lurking in my brain while I wrote my last post that finally condensed into a fully-formed idea: you should use the platform that has everything the platform you develop for has.

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Five reasons why this developer won't switch to Mac

There are many reasons to switch to Mac (or, better, to switch away from Windows), but being a software developer is most certainly not one of them

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